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Phyl's yoga classes in Wokingham Windsor
I haven't done yoga before, is there a beginner's class? 
My classes are made up of people with a variety of yoga abilities. This way every beginner gets a chance to learn and move towards deeper and more advanced postures. The progress you make is personal to you. In the class everyone does the same postures but the extent to which you take the posture depends on your personal physical ability. As your body moves further you will be able to take the stretches further.
I'm not very fit and overweight - is yoga for me? 
The yoga taught is very traditional. Karuna yoga concentrates on precision. You do not have to be “fit” to build a Yoga practice. After attending some classes everyone finds that postures become easier. The body starts to become supple and muscles begin to gain strength. Size of the person has no bearing on being able to do yoga, neither does your age or sex!
What should I wear? 
It is best to wear loose clothing. Towards the end of the class there is always a relaxation period so bring a blanket and a pair of socks to wear as you relax and your body cools down.
What should I bring? 
I would recommend that you invest in a yoga mat, as most venues have wooden floors.
I am not very flexible, does that matter? 
No, not at all. People attend classes to become more flexible, not because they already are.
Should I start in a beginner's class? 
Not necessarily. My classes are of mixed abilities so people are inspired to progress.
Will I lose weight if I do yoga? 
Many people do.  As we begin to feel better and digestion improves there may be less desire to eat large quantities of food. The quality of what we eat may also change.
I am on medication, does that matter? 
Please ensure you have your doctors approval and you and let your teacher know what medication you are taking.
I find it hard to switch my mind off, will yoga help? 
Yes, focusing the mind on both movement & breath has a very calming effect on the mind.