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       Exercise and taking care of ourselves is essential to experience a quality lifestyle spanning well into our senior years. However, many people find it difficult to exercise and take care of themselves when they are tired and lacking energy and motivation. Improving this situation requires an intake of high quality nutrition on a daily basis. 

Sadly in our current world it is difficult to get the nutrients we need from our food in spite of our best efforts to eat well.Soil nutrient depletion, lengthy transportation, prolonged refrigeration, chemical sprays and early harvesting all contribute to  denourishing our food. 

Usana is a nutritional food company that offers a wide range of high quality products based on sound scientific research. These life enhancing products help to get the most out of our bodies and keep us healthier throughout our lives. Usana's nutritional and skin care products have been an important part of Phyl's life for the past 14 years.

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